Oct 30, 2013 · Try changing the amount of pressure you use on the mouthpiece (don't hurt your lips, though!). Rolling your lips in or out may help, as well. It's really just a lot of experimentation, but those two things are what I found to affect leakage in my embouchure the most. Re: Horn player with big lips 00:01 on Monday, January 6, 2014. phred.. "/>

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Feb 03, 2009 · If you're planning on marching with the mouthpiece. There are better more technical pieces, but not really that well suited for drumcorps. I tend to favor a Bach 10S, but not really much different from a 30. The 32 is nice too, but since I really don't spend more than 7 days a year on french horn, not for me.. For a fourth horn player outside of Vienna the Nr. 2.5 (semi deep, Viennese standard) will be deep enough. The funnel mouthpieces can be beneficial for horn players who tend to have too bright of a sound. The bore of the funnel mouthpieces are, in general, larger which can cause more noise in the sound with certain lips.

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